The Benefits of Local SEO

Local Search
Local SEO

A small-scale business that has a web presence will benefit from the use of local SEO. This is a type of marketing technique that focuses on promoting local businesses. Focus is also centered on users that are searching for specific services and products available locally. The resulting outcome that you will achieve from this type of marketing is an increase in potential customers with visibility that comes by easily finding your website.

SEO Strategy

Strategies for local SEO are typically the same used for traditional SEO marketing. Utilizing a local campaign will focus on search terms and strategies that are geared to a business’s local area. To do this you need to base your strategies to include the use of on-page and off-page marketing with the use of local business listings. The location that is targeted for local SEO needs to be incorporated into page titles, page names, the meta tags and in your keyword density. However, focus first needs to be concentrated on the keywords you want to put on the page. These are typically identified as being specific to a local to a city or area.

Site Information

Information that you need to include on your web pages include a local address, the phone number used for the business and the zip code. You will also need to include a link for each of the pages for your site in the site map. However, you should keep your links in the site map to under 100 or it will appear to search engines as spam. You will also benefit by placing a link on other websites that are relevant to the business. Utilize all types of social media for your local SEO efforts. This can include posting messages to a blog, to local message boards and sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Make sure that a page link appears on all types of social network sites that direct users to your page.


Add your business to online yellow pages and various business listings.

Utilize social networking for SEO such as Google+ and Google Places.

Use all the available methods for local SEO marketing allows you to build an online reputation.

What are the advantages of local seo

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