Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Cavities in Your SEO Strategy?

Best Practices for Local SEO Optimization for Dental Websites If you’re a dentist who thought SEO only stood for “Superior Enamel Operations,” you’re in for a surprise. In today’s digital world, SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be the difference between being the sought-after ‘Tooth Fairy’ or an unnoticed dental gnome. And just like your...
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Digital Marketing Budget in a 2023 Recession

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought most economies to their knees, business owners are in pursuit of survival tactics as the world adjusts to the new norm. The price of inflation is proving costly, and there is a need for business owners to review their . Local SEO First, there was hope that the economy would...
Digital Marketing

Business VoIP

VoIP is short-hand for Voice over Internet Protocol, a category of hardware and software that enables people to use a broadband internet connection to make and receive telephone calls. The technology works by sending voice data in packets using the internet protocol rather than by traditional circuit transmissions. It is often branded by different companies...
Digital Marketing

Tips for client success

Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect designer who understands exactly what you need and produces high quality work. Now it’s time to start working with the web developers and begin the design process. To get the best possible results you need to get involved right from the start and provide as much feedback as possible to your...
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E-Marketing and social media

E-marketing is using the internet to market your products or services. The use of it should be defined in your marketing plan, and like any other form of marketing, it needs to be properly researched, planned, analyzed, and executed in order to be effective. E-marketing can include: Development of your own website Website content optimization...

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