Break Into New Markets with Local SEO

New Markets with Local SEO
Local SEO

Here is Why Local SEO is Important to Your Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to drive traffic to your business website. The more traffic your business generates, the higher your chances of lead generation and business growth.

Local SEO, Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is great for creating and growing brand visibility in existing and new markets. More people get to interact with your content services and products. The more traffic your business generates, the higher your chances of lead generation and business growth. You must do a few things to expand your business to new markets; that’s where SEO comes in. Check out!

Examine Existing Competition

Most industry niches are already partially or wholly catered to by pre-existing business entities, so you will likely face some competition if you decide to expand your business. For example, moving your business to a new location means you will find companies offering similar goods and services. You must study your competition through Google tools to figure out a way to outperform them.

Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Ads are excellent tools for learning more about your local competition. You can also use the collected data to design and customize your Google marketing strategy.

  • Identify Google Search Ad Opportunities

This is the most straightforward activity to identify advertising opportunities you may have overlooked. Simply type in the keywords you are interested in on the Google search bar and analyze the top results at the top of the page. Use keywords related to your local geographic area for more accurate results. Pay keen attention to the companies you are analyzing, as some results may be companies that are not really your competition.

  • Optimize Your Business for Multiple Markets

Businesses with multiple locations should create a location page. Keep in mind that it takes time to create content for each location. Some businesses copy and paste their content for different locations, but this is not good business practice. Write unique customized and geo-targeted content for each of your geographic niches. Don’t forget to add your locations on Google maps so clients can find their way to your business.

  • All Local Pages Should be Optimized

Read a competitor’s content to find out what keywords are best suited for your industry and location. The higher a business ranks on Google search results, the higher the keyword quality. Once you have your list of keywords, create unique content to inform and entice new potential clients.

Use the keywords in headings for the best SEO results, and add your business name. Address and phone number. Any relevant details about your business are helpful as they increase the chances of your clients finding your business and making a purchase.

  • Also, Optimize Your Call to Action

The best content in the world is wasted if the wrong call to action is applied. The CTA part of your business website is almost the most crucial because it is the point of sale conversion. The best way to make your CTA captivating is to add a perk like free quotations or first-day services.

Final Take Away

If your business does not have a website, you are missing out on valuable brand exposure and lead generation. Did you know that 46% of searches on Google are location-related? Take the time to build yourself the best business website by using search engine optimization to your advantage.


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